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 The Global Business Network (GBN) is the first and only international business club at CSU. It is a great organization for students interested in international business, studying abroad, learning about different cultures, building connections with other business majors, and exploring global career options. We also provide competitive leadership opportunities for business majors who are interested in serving on the leadership board.

We organize monthly events and socials that allow members to enhance their understanding of different business customs and etiquette around the world, develop their international network, strengthen their global career preparedness, and connect cross-culturally.

Our goal is to facilitate international networking and provide a platform for international and domestic students to forge stronger connections. By doing so, we can bridge the gap between cultures in a business atmosphere to effectively create a Global Business Network.

Meet The Team
Virginia Cooper
 I am a currently a junior studying Marketing and Management. My favorite part about GBN is connecting students from various backgrounds and bringing them together to learn about cultural differences.  
Co-Executive Officer
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Yennie Jang
I am a junior student from South Korea majoring in CIS. I received my AA in Business Administration at Red Rocks Community College. I joined the GBN board in Fall 2017 because I want to make GBN more interesting to people so that people get to know more about international businesses. Also, I want us, the GBN members, to help people to understand more about cultural diversity within the U.S. My favorite place that I traveled is to France and my favorite ethnic food is Thai.
A fun fact about myself is that I am 21 in the U.S., but 23 in Korea!
Administrative Liaison
"Don't let life live you, you live life" - CherBear
 I am Junior student studying Business in Computer Information Systems. My home town is Loveland, Colorado. I joined GBN in  the Fall of 2017. My interest in GBN is that I am able to interact with people who are as passionate as I am in global affairs and interactions.
My favorite place I have traveled is Seaside, Florida and y favorite ethnic food is Korean food.
Annalise Seifen
GBN Board Member
“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”- Marcel Proust                       
Grace Lu
I am a junior Marketing student from Shanghai, China. I joined GBN in Fall 2017. My favorite place that I have traveled to is Brunei, and my favorite food is my grandmother's pork braised in brown sauce. I love traveling, photography, and natural scenery.
GBN Board Member
"A journey is best measured in friends,rather than miles."           
Makayla DeBonis
I am a junior at CSU studying Management with a certificate in International Business and a Spanish minor. I joined GBN in 2017 and have found it to be an excellent opportunity to experience different cultures and ways of life, as well as learn how to interact and conduct business with people from other countries. My favorite travel experience was the month I spent in Uganda, Africa last summer.
GBN Board Member
"We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us." - unknown
I am a senior at CSU studying Computer Information Systems and Marketing. I am from China. I joined GBN to enhance my skills and experience working with a group of fun people with multicultural background and to contribute my ideas and creativities to the organization. My favorite place I’ve traveled is to Monaco. It's a very beautiful and exotic city. It holds Grand Prix car racing events and a great car racing history. I like car racing. My favorite food is Kung Pao Chicken. I enjoy driving and skiing so much that I would drive myself to go skiing alone during vacations.

Henry Liu

GBN Board Member

"Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goals." -Henry Ford

Xingwing Wang

GBN Board Member

I am a Junior at CSU studying in Finance and Real Estate.
I am from Guilin, China. I joined GBN t
o meet new people and to experience international business. My favorite place I've traveled is to England. My favorite food is dumpling. Fun fact about myself is that I have never seen snowing before I came to Fort Collins.

"It is better to travel ten thousand miles than to read ten thousand books."

Kyle Kofford

I am a  Senior at CSU studying in Business Administration w/ Corporate Finance concentration, International Business Certificate
I am from  Dublin, California. I  joined GBN  - Fall 2017 to connect with more international students at CSU and learn about business in an international context. Favorite place I’ve traveled is to Kalmar, Sweden, and my favorite ethnic food is Pho.
A fun fact about myself is that  I studied abroad in Sweden during the spring 2017 semester.

GBN Board Member

“I don't know where I'm going, but I'm on my way” 

Kelly Waters

I am a Senior  at CSU studying in Finance and Economics Minor
My hometown is Fort Collins. I joined GBN in Spring 2018.
I joing  GBN becaue it would allow me to connect with others around the world who are business mined, and learn about conducting international business from professional speakers working in the industry. My favorite place I’ve traveled is to Japan. My favorite ethnicity food is Afghan Cuisine.
·A fun fact about myself is thatI enjoy math competitions.

GBN Board Member

"Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness." - Mark Twain

Staff and Faculty Leadership
Lauren Wolff
CSU role: Academic Advisor

GBN role: GBN Coordinator

Semester joined: Spring 2015

Hometown: Modesto, CA

Why GBN? My international experiences have all been life-changing so I am excited to work with students on achieving their international goals

Favorite place traveled: Valparaiso, Chile and Prague, Czech Republic

Study abroad: Studied abroad in Chile, worked during college in Belgium, interned in Costa Rica, and worked post-grad in China

Favorite ethnic food: Jian bing from China, all Mexican, and empanadas from Chile

Fun fact: I will be the academic advisor on Semester at Sea in Fall 2018!
Lumina Albert
CSU role: Assistant Professor of Management

GBN role: Faculty Advisor

Semester joined: Spring 2013

Hometown: Chennai, India

Why GBN? I am fascinated by international business, and driven by my curiosity of international cultures. I am passionate about educating COB students in these aspects, and encouraging challenging explorations of these topics through the Global Business Network. 

Favorite place traveled: Durban, South Africa 

Study abroad: I was born and raised in India!

Favorite ethnic food: I love eating Malabar paratha-chops in the road-side food stalls in South India!

Fun fact: I am originally from India, have permanent residence in South Africa, married to a Sri-Lankan African, and have two American kids!
Shawn Utecht
CSU role: Manager of Career Counseling

GBN role: Career Management Center Liaison

Semester joined: Fall 2012, Founding Advisor

Hometown: Alpena, MI 

Why GBN? I'm interested in hearing about your view of the world.

Favorite place traveled: Cape Town, South Africa

Favorite ethnic food: Fufu with Jamma Jamma (Cuscus and huckleberry leaves from Cameroon) 

Fun fact: I enjoy helping people identify their next steps in life.